About My Blog

This blog documents my life as a teacher in Brazil. Some articles also contain thoughts and opinions from my husband, who is a pilot, on various topics that are of keen interest to him and me as well. From the United States, I am in Brazil as an immigrant, and I am in the business of teaching English to students here at BIS.

A large proportion of the students over here know Portuguese fluently, but English, not the same can be said about it. With ever-growing usage and adoption of the English language internationally, I hope that my efforts in teaching English are going to help these students in their future lives.

This blog, from time to time, will be my space for posting articles on my experiences here. Brazil is quite a fantastic country, and this is evident from the culture, diversity, sites, and attractions that are here.

As I continue to travel, and experience life here, I’ll be updating articles here on how I am finding it in Brazil. Brazil is quite a large country, and there are lots to explore beyond teaching. The fact that it shares a border with a significant number of countries in South America, this means that there are lots of people from various regions and walks of life.

Teaching English is fun, and if you visit this blog for articles quite often, then you will have insights into how I am finding it over here. I hope that you will enjoy the articles on this blog.