I am in the business of teacher practice in English, and I am from the United States. Currently, I am in Brazil primarily to teach English to students at BIS. I came to Brazil, to get the experience life here, and to establish a new home.

I have a keen interest and a passion for teaching English, and this is among the primary reasons that I came to this country. In Brazil, some students are not fluent in English, but they have an interest in the language.

English is a global language. With the forces of technology increasingly making the world smaller, a good grasp of writing and speaking skills in English is valuable. In that regard, I am out to impart English writing and speaking skills to students.

Teaching English in a foreign country that uses another language is not that easy, but I am out to experience it first-hand rather than hearing tales from people. As I do that, I am also in the business of exploring other areas in the country. Brazil has a rich art and culture, and it is a region with diverse natural features and different peoples.

Getting to know Brazil and its people is also on the top of my list, and I will document some of the experiences on my blog. I am an optimist, and I hope that living here will be worth it.