The renaissance dances grew amongst the European civilization between 14th and 17th centuries. This development was never in a timely manner but it had a lot of similarities to the ballet dances which started in the European culture between the renaissance period of a 13th century to the onset of the 17th century. The dances took places in the royal courtyards of various royal castles from the French to Italian luminaries to eventually being adopted as a significant society asset it, however, had a delightful lifestyle that was thrilling and often beautifully executed into a remarkable dance bowl by the noble members of the royal dignitaries.

The early culture of renaissance dances in Europe. This style of dance had several origins from different cultures and kingdoms from Italian to British to French but had a common or almost similar rhythmic dance style to it. Most of the dances were carried out by the nobility and were often associated with the wealthy lords and members of the royal court. The dance was performed at royal bowls and often featured before the commencement of significant functions or ceremonies.

the Purpose of the Dance. The dance was used to signify important royal processions, ceremonies, royal weddings or even wedding proposals which were often done by the royal court members to mark the occasions.
Have learned the origins of the renaissance dances, their various style of dance and also learned they had important functions that they marked or they preceded before the functions could take place. There’re 3 important things about renaissance dance:

  1. the elegance to which the renaissance dances involved;
  2. the way it took proper preparations to host the dances
  3. the way it holds a cultural festive that got adopted as a symbol of status amongst the royal or noble members of the European nations made it more interesting dance to practice.

The renaissance dances had a lot of similarities with the barley dances most of the aspects from the dance styles to the pace of dances to the art of expression while dances were almost similar to the elegance portrayed by ballet dancers. Thereby they seem to have a connection or one form of the dance(renaissance) got a rebirth from the other (ballet).

A cultural dance is important and that’ is still practiced now, and has royal ceremonial functions. We’re also have the need to study the past history in order to understand why the renaissance period gave rise to noble dance styles that were often elegance, beautiful and marked with lots of jubilations.

The important dances of the renaissance period had a significant impact on the societies. They often made admirable memories and would often give fancy and jubilant moments to those who orchestrated the the noble men it was a symbol of royal elegance and it marked important functions whenever it was this date, we still have such dances still being performed signifying their importance throughout the ages that transcend centuries later.

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