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If you ever get into a content lull with social media, which everybody does, MeetEdgar is a great solution. MeetEdgar will add a bit more fun to your social media calendar. It only publishes content that Edgar thinks is worthy of engagement.

One of the best features of MeetEdgar is that once your favorite topics are defined and scheduled out, Edgar makes sure the content never runs out. So you don’t have to constantly refill or pick new topics. Edgar does it for you.

Once everything from a topic has been published, Edgar starts to re-share old content that people may have missed the first time around. Considering the limited amount of organic reach on social media, resharing content gives it another chance for engagement. Thanks, Edgar!

Setting social goals for your small business

Setting the right goals will not only help you prove your success, but also help you figure out which tactics are working. This makes it much easier to scale your social media presence.

But choosing goals can be tough. So here are three different ways to hone in on the goals based on where you want users in the funnel, what your peers are doing, and by the industry that you’re in.

Choosing goals based on your funnel

I can’t say this enough: the goal of your social media marketing should never be to simply bulk schedule and blast out posts. The social networks don’t reward you for a publishing-only strategy and neither do your customers.

reasons users unfollow on social

Instead, you can look at your social media presence from the funnel perspective. Yes, you need to publish content to drive awareness, reach and overall brand awareness. But it doesn’t stop there.

social metrics map

Choosing goals by studying your peers

Choosing goals by industry

At Sprout, we’re lucky enough to work with thousands of small businesses in any industry you can name. We’ve helped these customers set their social goals based off of the ways they can succeed, and you can leverage those insights for choosing your own goals.

Whether you’re managing the social media marketing for your entire institution, or a single department within a college, these are some of the goals that will ensure you’re making a valuable impact.

Seneca pull quote about brand keywords

Internet and Software organizations make up a good deal of Sprout Social’s small business clients, like Trello. Though their business has tremendous brand recognition in the space they still have a smaller team relative to their peers in the SaaS space.

Healthcare can be a difficult industry to market on social media. There are rules and regulations that must be followed so your organization doesn’t land in hot water. While you establish your goals make sure that you remain HIPAA compliant.

For non-profit organizations, audience engagement can be about much more than marketing metrics. We spoke to one organization using Sprout that provided diapers and baby food to families in need, and if they missed any single message on social media it meant that a child could be going hungry.

S0 while you look to these goals as a guiding light, remember to take into account your specific organization and the most important things you should be accomplishing on social.

Poor customer service or negative reviews can make or break your organization in the travel and hospitality interest. While setting goals to increase your customer base is important, it’s just as important to engage your customers on social channels to ensure the best possible experience.

Braxton Brewing is good example. They set up Sprout Social Brand Keywords in their Smart Inbox, found a local celebrity mentioning beer in their area, and sent them a care package, increasing their celebrity influence.

Many people may not think of government agencies as being the most technologically savvy industries, but one of our customers, The City of Lenexa, has found amazing results in growing their social audience and engagement on social. Some additional goals to consider on social are:

Whether your team is rocking an undefeated season or is in a bit of a slump, social media is critical for attracting new fans, deepening connection with diehard fans, and increasing tickets sales. Here are more goals to ensure you’re making the most of social:

Real estate can be an incredibly competitive market, and to successfully outsell your competition, it’s important to leverage social media. Stay on top of industry trends and emerging tech with social media. Goals to consider are:

Lifestyle and fitness are incredibly important on social media. Not just the lifestyle and fitness models sharing their content, but the brands that supply those celebrities as well. Keeping your products adjacent to those influencers will help keep you top of mind. Here are some additional goals to consider.

Finance and credit unions are also susceptible to social media trouble. While you should consider the below goals, also consider what the rules and regulations are for marketing your institution on social media.

Entertainment is a big part of social media, and if you can bring some of your entertainment to social media you reap the rewards of increased reach, engagement and sales. Beyond that, here are some of the most popular goals we see on social.

Social Analytics and Reporting Tools

If you’re using a social media management and analytics tool you can dig into additional reports and analytics. Here are some of the reports our small business audiences like to run in Sprout.

*Caveat:* This section includes reports from Sprout Social because I do work here. While there may be other solutions out there, Sprout Social is my favorite and the one I know most about. This is mostly just to show you what you can do with social tools. You can also run all these reports for totally free with no commitment if you start a Sprout Social trial.

Sent messages

The Sent Messages Reports aggregates all of your social messages from all of your social networks and profiles into a single location, helping you see which messages are the most effective for your audiences,

sent messages report

Engagement rates

We do the heavy lifting to help you understand how responsive you are to messages that appear to warrant a response. You will see how effectively you’re responding to these messages (Response Rate) and how quickly you’re engaging (Response Time).

engagement rate report

Percentile ranking
Get a sense of how you rank among the pack. We calculate your percentile ranking by comparing your Response Rate and Response Time metrics for the selected period against the latest data that we have on profiles similar to yours.

Engagement rates by time and day

engagement by day/time report

Dig deeper into your Engagement Report to see which days of the week or times of the day you’re least responsive and make sure you’re properly allocating time to your efforts.

Team reports

If you’re managing social media as a team, it’s important to dig into your team’s data to see who your top performers are and who could use a little coaching, especially across multiple locations.

team report

Paid reports

fb/ig paid performance

Group reports

While most small businesses I talk to spend a lot of their reporting time exporting data from each social media network and profile, the Sprout Social Group Report aggregates that all into a single report so you can see how you’re performing on social as a whole.

group impressions report

Keyword reports

keyword report

Competitive reports

competitive report

Those are just a few of the reports that you can run with Sprout Social. If you’d like to hear more about all of our reporting features and how they can help you achieve social success, just get in touch with our team!

Tips to an Effective Social Media Multiple Posting Strategy

  1. Create a plan for each social media channel: The most significant deciding factor for success has a plan. Even if you’re experimenting with different types of content at first, having a strategy is a solid first step.
  2. Post regularly: I’d suggest posting more than once a week on any app, but the more consistent you are, the easier apps know where to show your content. Some apps like Twitter and Tik Tok require daily content and interaction, while Instagram and Facebook allow more flexibility. Developing a routine helps you be consistent and predictable to your audience. And it also helps the apps make sure the algorithm begins to see and favor your content.
  3. Use a social media management tool: It can be a lot posting on several channels multiple times a day, but a social media tool like Tailwind App makes the job much easier! Just open the app, create, and schedule a month’s worth of content. Easy peasy.
  4. A/B test: The A/B test allows you to see what works best between two different things. It’s a great way to experiment with different tones, voices, content, hashtags, and titles. Comparing data allows you to see what performs better to help narrow down your strategy.
  5. Take advantage of hashtags: Speaking of hashtags, they’re one of the best ways to expand your social media reach organically. When you manage multiple social media accounts, you can measure your efforts and analyze performance by tracking the hashtags that you are using. Not keen on doing hashtag research? Tailwind App has a Hashtag Finder, which researches the best hashtags for each post, depending on its content.

Start reaching different demographics with multiple social media accounts! As you can see, social media management doesn’t have to be a big undertaking, especially with the help of a management app like Tailwind.


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